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About is a website used by ten's of thousands of trail riders to find new places to ride and camp.  If you haven't yet used this site, we invite you to explore starting on the Home Page.  You will see many ways trail riders are influenced in their selection of places to stay.  There are the campground descriptions, grouped by state.  Many if not most locations have been reviewed by one or more of their guests, and of course riders look for positive reviews (four and five stars) when making their decision.  If you haven't started already, we recommend that you suggest to your satisfied guests to go to, select the listing for your campground and write a review.

Getting Your Campground Seen

There are over 1000 locations in the database.  That's good news for trail riders but makes getting your campground seen difficult.  The answer is to place an ad on the Home Page.   Each year over 50,000 trail riders visit our home page where your ad is shown.  This means that your ad will be seen  6,000 times each month by trail riders specifically looking for places to camp and ride. 

National Exposure

For National Exposure on our home page the ad placement priorities are Preferred, Normal, and Economy priced as follows:






Annual Preferred


  • Ad runs in Preferred position continuously for one full year.
  • Keep your campground name in front of over 80,000 trail riders - message repetition builds your brand and that means more campers.
  • You may change the ad at any time to promote special events, etc.




per month




per month




per month

Selected States

You can also place your ad to appear at the top of the listing of campgrounds in Selected States.   ( Click here for example)The first state is included with an Annual Preferred home page ad placement.  The pricing for selected states is as follows:


Number of States

Price per Month




2 - 5

$4.00 ea  

6 +

$2.00 ea  


You can choose the visibility you want.  The higher the priority, the higher the ad will appear on the page.   Ads will be displayed based on Priority (all Preferred Priority followed by all Normal Priority, etc.) and within each Priority group, by the date and time of purchase of the ad, earliest first.  The ads for Selected States will appear based on the date and time of the purchase of the ad, earliest first.

How to Create Your Ad:

1.    First, login.  If you hadn't previously created a username you will be able to register from the login page.  After you login you will be taken to the Ad Management Center where you will have two options: Create an ad and Update your profile.

2.    After logging in, if you haven't already, you should update your profile.  This is important in case we need to reach you.

3.    When you  click on the "Create Ad" button,  a form will appear that you fill out with the important information about your event or promotion.  After you complete this form, click on the "Preview" button.

4.    After you preview your ad,  you can make changes to it as many times as you like.  In fact, even while the ad is running you can change what the ad says as often as you like.  This is all accessed from the Ad Management Center.

5.    When you have completed preparing the ad, you can then either select the priority you want for national exposure or select the states in which you want the ad to appear at the top of the state listing page.   At this point you will be transferred to Paypal to complete your purchase.    Note that after completing your purchase, you cannot change your priority for the month that you just purchased.

Need help? Please call me: John Thurow (Office) 828-863-2372 or (Cell) 863-562-9387.

Advertising Terms of Service

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