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Tips on How to Contain your Horse during Horse Camping

By Wendi Garcia

Horse camping is definitely an exciting form of a camping trip. Aside from being close with the wonderful gifts of nature, you even get to ride on one. And if you're fond of horseback riding, you'd surely have a grand time traversing horse trails and exploring the environment.

And because the horse is the main star of this particular camping event, it is a must that you are able to contain it properly. A horse camping trip won't be fun if you have to chase a run-away horse.

Here are some helpful containment options and tips to make sure your horse stays put:

Your options for horse containment include the usage of a portable corral, portable electric corral, picket lines, hobbles, or highline. To determine which of these to use, you first have to know where you are camping.

If you are camping at a trail head where there will be other campers, horses and vehicles, it's a good idea to opt for portable corral with panels that you can attach to your trailer. This will safely keep your horse at bay.

Now if you intend to go camping on the trail, you have to know the rules and restrictions enforced by the area you choose to ride and camp in. This way, you'll know what types of containment are allowed. After that, you can choose what will work best for you and your horse.

After that, you need to know what is most suitable for your horse through preparation and experimentation. For example, if you plan on using grazing hobbles, it is recommended to make them get used to hobbles before you actually use them on the trail.

Calm your horse with a little feed and try the hobbles on in a small pen or corral. Be sure to tug the hobbles so that the horse realizes that they are there. After several practice sessions, if you see your horse getting comfortable with them on, it's probably okay to try it on when you go camping.

Same goes for other options for containment like picket lines, portable electric corrals and highline. Start using them in a small corral or pasture and allow the horse to get used to them. Home experimentation will let you know in which method of containment your horse seems most comfortable in and you'll have an idea which of these use in a horse camping trip.

Also, you can use a variety of horse containment styles in your camping trip given that your horse is comfortable with them. It's a good idea to use either hobbles or a picket line during the day and a highline at night time.

Your horse is not only the one who needs to have a comfortable place to stay. You should also invest on high quality camping equipment like a reliable tent, safe camping heaters and a comfortable sleeping bag to ensure that you have the ultimate fun in your horse camping experience.

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