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Trail Description Head north on I-95 from Las Vegas, NV. Turn left at the Penitentary/Cold Creek Exit. Follow the road till you see the old fire department bldg on the right. Just after you will see turnouts on the left and right side of the road. There are ponds on the right next to a few old buildings of an original ranchhouse. Park where ever you like according to rig size. Weekends and holidays are much more crowded and noisy with ATV's on the trails. For a more peaceful ride, go during the week. My favorite trail is on the SW side going slightly uphill at the start. Follow this up hill and it will put you out on a ridge-top where you will most likely see bands of wild horses on both sides. The wild horses are not afraid of humans, but I would not suggest allowing your horse to get close as there are stallions in each band and they do protect their own. This is pretty much an up and back trail, but there are numerous trails in this area. My horses like to go pond-wading after our ride, which is nice and cool in the summer. Due to it's higher elevation this trail is much cooler than in the Las Vegas Valley in the summer. It is beautiful in the spring months when the wildflowers and cactus are in bloom and there is still snow on the mountains. One of the best riding areas in the Las Vegas area! Enjoy! Please clean up after your horses at the trail-head to ensure we all are allowed to use it in the future! Thank you!
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Campground There are no facilities, but overnight camping is allowed (not sure about camping with horses). The wild horses do use the ponds for a water source! I don't advise taking stallions or mares in season to this area.
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, NV
Directions off of I-95 at Cold Creek exit (next to the Penitentiary), head uphill towards the mountains on the west side.
This information was provided by TWHladyinLV on 1/15/2011 12:19:55 PM

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