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New Equestrian Sport to Alabama

Near: MaplesvilleAL (Weather)
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Trail Description NEW EQUESTRIAN SPORT COMMING TO ALABAMA!!!! If anyone has any questions about this sport, please call me, 334-349-2086, it's sometimes easier to explain on the phone. NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF COMPETITVE MOUNTED ORIENTEERING. The objective is to find objects with clues along trail, using a map and compass. GPS DEVICES are NOT ALLOWED!!! There is ALWAYS a pre ride meeting before EVERY ride. This will get everyone registered plus teach you how to read your map and a "HOW TO", use your compass to find objects. Ok, you have a map on that map you have clues to find objects. Each object has 2 clues, with compass baring headings. When both those headings cross there will be your object. Objects are 9" paper plate with a series of numbers and words written down, write what you find off that paper plate and head to your next objective station/ set of clues. Fastest team back WINS! Now I say that but its not a free for all and that also doesn't mean that the first person back wins and no one else does. There are divisions, Youth, teams, ladies and men. And there are placings for each divison. Most times we have a pot luck dinner during awards, the first night, so everyone bring a covered dish of your choice. I will supply cokes and chips. Of course there are rules to this sport and that is why EVERYONE MUST ATTEND the PRE-RIDE meeting. Meeting will start at 8am. Cost is as follows; $15 for non members and $10 for members. Non-members this covers your day membership and your insurance for the day as well. A yearly membership is $20 and then each ride after that would be $10. You can get your membership that day of an event. Whie we are listed on the national web site we are working on this years calender af rides. Read,"what is CMO" this will help you some. You do not have to get off your horse at any time, as objects will be eye level from a horse.
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Jaime Ruff

, AL
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(Gently sloping or level terrain; trails are groomed or wide open; shallow or no creek crossings. ) 
 More Difficult (Moderate hills over consistent surface; possibly some narrow trails and short steeper slopes) 
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