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Hartshorn, MO

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My wife Cindy, horses Dusty & Banjo and Cookie the Lab, attended the Big Creek Trail Ride Sep 29 – Oct 6, 2018. Our riding club, the Ozark Ridge Riders out of St. Louis, MO, was well represented as usual. Big Creek and the entire Howell Family & Friends are tremendous; this destination is in our top 3 of Missouri destinations and top 2 for week-long rides. There are plenty of options from short to long rides and very little retracing of trails. There is also a variety of features and scenery along the trail; from Big Creek to the beautiful Current River: hills, valleys, rocks, sand, wide to skinny trails and views (bring your camera). While some trails can be challenging the Howell family is very safety conscious and will offer great advice, slow to fast guided rides to fit you and your horse and finally, if you or your horse have a mishap they will aggressively and caringly come to your aid. This is a family camp filled with friendly but serious riders, no need to enforce quiet-hours, all are too tired to cause a ruckus. You don’t have to come with a group to have a great time. Brett Howell will memorize your name and make you feel you are part of the family (amazing) and you will meet other riders who will offer to guide you. There are fun activities almost every night, great food and one of the best tack shops I have seen at these kinds of rides – quality equipment at very competitive prices. Don’t miss the catered lunch on the trail; a great Howell Family tradition. Special thanks to old friends we just met, Rob and Denny Sanders, who adopted and led us on some great trails and encouraged our participation. Rob’s horse was especially helpful staying very calm and setting the example for our horses as we rode through cattle who think all cows are terrorist, al-Qaida sniper cows. For folks who are a little newer to pulling living quarter trailers you might have to ask for some help on some of the sites that are not as flat as you may be use to; bring blocks/wood to level your tires. We have reservations in 2019 for 2 week-long rides and 1 3-day weekend; reservations are the best recommendations for a trail ride. See you on the trail, Bob Fauser.
Reviewed by: Bob Fauser on 10/15/2018 1:24:35 PM
Experience: Intermediate Ride Date: 9/29/2018 Hometown: Farmington , MO