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Warm Springs, GA

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I live within an hour drive from this park and the reason I haven't been going is because of the previous owners of the stables. A new owner is there now and is very accomidating. He even loaned his personal generator to two of my friends. He has put up high line poles at the primitive camp and from what I understand is in the process of trying to get water and electric hook ups installed. Hopefully with those plans maybe a bath house and or dump station. He is also fixing that old barn up, taking out all thos old nasty wooden feed bins etc. The trails are not for unconditioned horses but they are great for tuning up your mountain horses. My friends live in the flat lands and their horses got through the trails just fine. It is rocky, you will need shoes on your horses. You used to not be able to keep your horses at the camp and it was for day riding only and you were not allowed to stay there overnight. That is all changed now. Currently there is room for about 8 - 10 trailers. I will be going back more often now that there are new owners, the previous ones were to say it politely , not very welcoming. Hope the campground continues to improve and much luck to the new onwers!
Reviewed by: sheila on 9/27/2012 9:23:25 AM
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Experience: Expert Ride Date: 9/22/2012 Hometown: thomaston, GA