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Reviews for HQH /Hobelman Quarter HOrses Overnight Stables and Campground
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Big Springs, NE

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We stayed overnight here, but won't do it again. I had reserved a "paddock" at $25.00 per horse, thinking it would be at least a half acre at that price. Nope, a pen just big enough for 2 horses not to get in each other's way, full sun, and terrible flies. We basically camped in a yard, there is no campground. We were able to hook up to electricity, but you can't hook water up to the trailer. There was just enough leaky hose to fill our water tank. This place is really run down. There is no manure dump, no wheelbarrows for the manure, you have to use your own bucket and rake, then take the manure down to a corn field to dump it. There is a reason there are no pictures of this place on the website. It our next stop weren't so far, I'd pack up and leave. $70.00 for 1 site (if you can call it that) and 2 horses should, you'd think would give you a premier campground. I've paid less than that for first rate accommodations. Bypass this place!
Reviewed by: Borncountry62 on 9/18/2017 6:00:08 PM
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Experience: Expert Ride Date: 9/18/2017 Hometown: Havana, FL