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Morganton, NC

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South Mountain State Park has made a lot of improvements this year, especially to their equestrian campground and horse trails. Electric hookups are now available at every campsite. (THANK YOU, SMSP!!) Every site does not have individual water connections but community spigots are scatter throughout the campground. The barn has water hoses that reach to each stall. Be careful when you book your stall as some stalls are not as big as others...go for the %15 stalls. The bathhouse is very nice and well maintained. Trails can be accessed directly from the campground so you don't have to trailer to trailheads. The trails drain off well during wet weather and they close sections that could be slick if it is raining. Overall there is not mud and muck to deal with. Your horses will need shoes or boots as they keep the trails up with gravel in areas prone to wash. Nice wide creeks with crystal clear water available for your horses to drink. We enjoy riding South Mountain and have no complaints about the equestrian campground. Hope everyone will support South Mountain State Park's equestrian campground as South Mountain is the only State Park facility in NC that offers full equestrian facilities with a barn and camping amenities for Horse Trailers. It isn't a CHEAP place to camp so if you are looking CHEAP this may not be for you. I'm happy to pay for access to well maintained trails and a safe place to camp with my horse. However, day rides are FREE for those who don't want to pay for camping. Horses need to be in reasonably good condition to take on mountainous terrain without stress...that's just common sense. Only mention it as horses may appear to be just fine walking on flat terrain but not conditioned for the stead inclines at South Mountain. Trails are wide enough take rest breaks if your horse needs it. SMSP does provide trail maps free of charge. Trails are well marked if you are paying attention. Happy Trails!!
Reviewed by: Sharon B on 11/4/2015 2:17:34 PM
Experience: Intermediate Ride Date: 10/16/2015 Hometown: Hickory, NC

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The trails are wide and well marked. Very easy to ride. There is a long hill going up to the main trail but it's not steep, just long. We stayed at this campground once and did not think it was worth what we paid. The bathhouse was nice but there is no electricity/water at campsites and they still charge $25/night. The larger stalls were nice. There is a private campground that hooks up to the trails and we stay there. That campground has electricity, water, and you picket line or portable corral your horses.
Reviewed by: Karen on 12/12/2011 7:45:07 PM
Experience: Expert Ride Date: 4/7/2011 Hometown: Kershaw, SC

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We rode here for the first time in several years and I can say "What an improvement." The park has (and still is) put a lot of effort into improving the trails. We only rode about 10 miles of the 30 or so but all of them were in excellent shape. The views were terrific (no leaves in Dec). We walked to the top of the High Shoals Falls (about a couple hundred yards from where you tie the horses). I understand that the water falls about 80 feet from the top and there is a staircase to take but we didn't take it. I didn't rate the campground because we were there just for the day
Reviewed by: jtrider on 12/11/2011 8:52:08 PM
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Experience: Expert Ride Date: 12/11/2011 Hometown: Columbus, NC