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True West Campground, Stables and Mercantile in BSF, near Jamestown, TN

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After a whirlwind weekend of miscommunications and high tensions, I feel as though True West Campground is not the best fit for large groups. As a favor to the owners, our group offered to put some of the horses in a pasture so they could book more stalls. Unknowingly to our group, pasture was the SAME price, as stalls. If this was known we would have never given up our stalls. Secondly it poured rain (I know weather can't be controlled) and the owner of the horses was worried about a couple of the horses and asked if they could be stalled for the night. The response was always "they are full we have no available stalls". When confronted about the empty stalls in the barn, the response was "I don't know I don't have horses". We think highly of our horses, and they come first. The only cussing that was ever done was when Shawn confronted me and my friend while feeding her horses, and how he speaks to his hired help. As previously stated, no, this isn't a facility for us and our group. We never used any Bad word toward any of them or there help. Like what I read from the owner. I wish I could attach the picture of the 15 stall that where empty, and of what the field looked like that our horse were in, the mud up to there knees.
Reviewed by sue Ukura on 6/9/2021 5:18:48 PM Experience: Intermediate Ride Date: 5/28/2021 Hometown: Jarrettsville, MD