Trail Riding and Camping in the Great State of Oregon

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Near PhotoLocation NameTrail MilesTrail RatingCamp RatingNum SitesHorse Facilities
Sagola Getaway Stable 50 Not Rated Not Rated 5 
Wetmore Kenbuck area trails U.P. Michigan 10 Not Rated 5 
Grayling Luzerne Horseman's Camp 50 50Water, Tie-up
Luzerne Shore-to-Shore - Luzerne Camp 50 Not Rated Not Rated 0Water; Tie-up
Allegan Allegan State Game Area 100 0 
Allendale Bass River State Recreation Area 7 Not Rated 0 
Rapid River Bay de Noc Horse Trail System 40 3 
Decatur Bluestone Ridge Campground 8 25 
Howell Brighton State Recreation Area 25 25Tie-up/picket posts, water
Dowagiac, Michigan Butler Tree Farm Horsemans Campground 8 Not Rated Not Rated 0 
Chase, Big Rapids, Cadillac, Reed City D Bar D Ranch 250 25 
Elba Elba Equestrian Complex 20 0Tie-up Water
Mt. Morris Everett A. Cummings Center 10 Not Rated 10 
Jackson/Ann Arbor Farm Lane Campground 50 0water, tie-ups
Waterloo Recreation Area State Park Farmlane Campground 15 40Tie-up, Water, pens
Augusta Fort Custer Rec Area 22 Not Rated 219 
Grayling Goose Creek Horseman's Camp - AuSable State Forest 40 50Tie-up, Water
rapid river grand island trail 70 Not Rated Not Rated 0 
Ann Arbor Hell Creek Ranch 20 0 
Highland Highland Recreation Area 0 30 
Big Rapids Hungerford Lake 100 40Tie-ups
Ionia Ionia State Recreation Area 17 47Water, Stream,
South Haven to Kalamazoo Kal_Haven Trail State Park 0 0 
Manistee Manistee Trail Head 0 25 
Northville Maybury State Park 11 0Day, Tie-up, Water
Frankenmuth Morgandale Meadows 10 Not Rated Not Rated 0 
Ortonville Ortonville Recreation Area 0 25 
Ortonville Ortonville Recreation Area (Hadley Hills) 15 25Tie-up
Mass City Ottawa National Forest - Courtney Equestrian Trails 14 Not Rated Not Rated 0 
Pinckney Pinckney Recreation Area 0 0 
manistique pine martin run 100 0 
Pontiac Pontiac Lake Recreation Area 17 30 
Commerce Twp. Proud Lake Recreation Area 20 Not Rated Not Rated 0 
Wolverine Rails to Trails #7 Sturgeon Valley Campground 200 Not Rated Not Rated 63Tie-ups, water, stream,
Marcellus Russ Forest 7 Not Rated 0 
Frederic Shore to Shore - Happi Days Campground and Diner 50 50 
Lewiston Shore -to-Shore - North Johnson's Crossing 50 Not Rated Not Rated 0Water, Tie-up
Grayling Shore-to-Shore - 4-Mile Camp 50 0Water, Tie-up
Traverse City Shore-to-Shore - Dubonnet Lake Camp 50 0 
Empire Shore-to-Shore - Gerry Lake Camp 30 0Water, Tie-up
Goose Creek Shore-to-Shore - Goose Creek Camp 50 0Water, Tie-up
Kalkaska Shore-to-Shore - Kalkaska Camp 50 0Water, Tie-rp
Mio Shore-to-Shore - McKinley Camp 50 0Water
Vanderbuilt Shore-to-Shore - North Elk Hill Camp 50 0Water
Indian River Shore-to-Shore - North Stoney Creek 50 Not Rated Not Rated 0Water, Tie-up
Grayling Shore-to-Shore - North Walsh Road Location 50 Not Rated Not Rated 0Water; Tie-up
Oscoda Shore-to-Shore - River Road Camp 50 Not Rated Not Rated 0Tie-up; Water
Cadillac Shore-to-Shore - Shecks Camp 50 0Water, Tie-up
Standish Shore-to-Shore - South Branch Camp 50 0 
Cadillac Shore-to-Shore - South Cadillac Camp 15 Not Rated Not Rated 0Water
Lake City Shore-to-Shore - South Hopkins Camp 0 Not Rated Not Rated 0Water, Tie-up
Allegan Silver Creek Community Park 100 75Day, Tie-up, stream
Empire Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore-Pouncey Pon 100 16water
St. Johns Sleepy Hollow State Park 10 Not Rated 0Day, Water
Chelsea Waterloo Recreation Area 0 0 
Jackson Waterloo State Recreation Area 25 50Tie-up, Water
Romeo Wolcott Mill Riding Trails 10 0 
Wayland/Hastings Yankee Springs Recreation Area 19 50tie up





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