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Maple Ridge Farm

Near: KenlyNC (Weather)
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Trail Description Enjoy a guided scenic country ride through 50 acres of farmland at Maple Ridge Farm in Kenly, NC (Johnston County). Trails include rides through pastures, woods, and around a pond, in a quiet, peaceful setting all throughout the farm. Our horses are well-trained and mannered. Our guides are professional horsemen and trainers. Overnight boarding also available.
Best Time to Visit Year-round, Weekends, Evenings
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Campground Overnight boarding available for mares and geldings of all breeds and disciplines. Stalls and private turnouts. Bedding, water, feed buckets, and manure clean-up included. A negative coggins (within one year) and a copy of most recent vaccinations (within 6 months) is required for in-state horses. A health certificate (within 30 days) and negative coggins (within one year) are required for out-of-state horses.
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1067 Scott Road
Kenly, NC 27542
Maple Ridge Farm
Directions Our gated 50-acre farm is located along the Johnston, Wayne, and Wilson County lines, just two miles off Interstate-95 (Exit 107) and Highway 301, one hour southeast of Raleigh, and 30 minutes from Clayton.
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(Gently sloping or level terrain; trails are groomed or wide open; shallow or no creek crossings. ) 
 More Difficult (Moderate hills over consistent surface; possibly some narrow trails and short steeper slopes) 
 Rigorous (Easy to More Difficult for rider but physically challenging for horse such as on a level surface through deep sand) 
 Challenging (Possible rocky, uneven surface, steep slopes, uncleared trails, faster flowing streams and other obstacles that lead to more difficult riding for rider and horse)