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Falling Water Horse Camp

Near: Ben Hur, AR
Miles of Trails: 350
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Trail Description: About the Camp Falling Water Horse Camp is run by Mary Lawrence and Art Gibbons, Owner Glen and Joe Garrison (both deceased), on what was once a family homestead. The idea to convert the land into a park had been bubbling around in Glens mind for some time but never manifested until his brother got him interested in trail riding. Basing from what is now called “The Mansion”, the very spot where their grandfathers house once stood, the two brothers and a few friends set out to explore forgotten roads and trails remembered from their youth or discovered on old maps.Late in 2005, the brothers decided to convert a portion of the homestead into a proper campground with showers, stabling facilities, and electric hookups. During this time weekly rides were held to scout new trails and acquaint the regulars with the surrounding area. Word spread quickly and soon folks were showing up from all over the state and even beyond! The camp was asked to host several major events before it was finished, but the brothers took their unexpected publicity in stride and everyone agreed that it was a magnificent location.Located on the banks of Falling Water Creek, named for its hundreds of tiny waterfalls and one of the Ozarks famous whitewater kayaking spots, the camp is centrally located within riding distance of several large waterfalls (Falling Water Falls, Twin Falls) and more beautiful Ozark Mountain scenery than a visitor could see if they stayed for a month. The owners are still finding new things and theyve lived here all their lives.Glen Garrison is the owner of the land on which the camp was built. He was raised in the Ozark Mountains and has hiked the hills around the camp for most of his life.Joe Garrison was the resident horse expert. Like his brother, Joe grew up in the Ozarks where he earned renown as a horse trainer and farrier at a young age. He was in the business of raising and training Quarter Horses for over twenty-five years. Joe knew horses and horse people and he used that knowledge. From designing safe facilities for your animals to tacking on the occasional thrown shoe that might otherwise spoil a great weekend, Joe and Glen worked hard to make sure that you and your horse have the best possible camping experience as do Mary and Art.

Camping At Falling Water Service Price Campsites 30.00 for 30 AMP 35.00 for 50 AMP Stalls 5.00 2 stalls per site additional stalls 10.00 each Cabin 75.00 2 night minium At Falling Water Horse Camp we don't just offer amazing scenery and countless miles of Ozark country riding. We also have plenty of amenities to make your camping experience as enjoyable as possible both in and out of the saddle. RV Hookups and Falling Water's Bathhouse. We also have electrical hookups for twenty five RVs or live-in horse trailers set up in a large cleared area between the creek and the road. Renting one of these spaces will cost you just $30/night plus stalls $5.00. Included in both camping fees is full access for your entire party to the Falling Water Horse Camp bathhouse and pavillion. In addition to modern restroom facilities, the bathhouse also provides two shower stalls in both the men and women's sections with built in dressing rooms and plenty of hot water to go around. There is also a sink and vanity provided for your convenience. Also provided are some picnic tables overlooking the creek. Great for a grabbing a quick bite between rides or relaxing for a quiet family meal after a long day. Of course no horse camp would be complete with options for housing our four legged guests. We currently have 53 indoor stalls

Contact: Mary -- 870-294-5051