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Cross Country Trail Ride

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Trail Description The trails are varied. If you stay on the gravel roads it is flat and mostly covered by trees. If you leave the campground and enter the area behind the golf course it is relatively nice dirt trails, with the exception of the first uphill area which is quite rocky. Coming down at other areas is very rocky and in my opinion not safe. Everyone talks about the Jack Fork River. Most of the places where you cross, you are going to get wet. The water goes up over the horses belly and your boots. Personally, I do not want to ruin my boots or saddle, so we didnt cross the river.
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Campground This is huge campground - it has stalls for 2,000 horses. The stalls, however are 6' x 8' with gates that slide in place. My Arab figured out how to slide the gate off in no time. It was only made out of 2 x 4's, so could have been kicked out easily. The flies at the end of June were the worst I have seen anywhere. The poor horses were stuck in those tiny stalls covered in flies - no amount of fly spray on them or fogger in the stalls would get rid of the flies. The flies were all over the camping spots as well, making sitting outside miserable. The food they serve at their events was good, and lots of it, but nothing made up for the deplorable stall conditions. The shower house had only one shower head out of all the stalls, the others just had a pipe hanging down. Oh, and the best, the door to the shower house is always left open and one morning I went in there and found a 4' black snake in the shower stall!!!!!
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17142 County Road 203
Eminence, MO 65466
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(Gently sloping or level terrain; trails are groomed or wide open; shallow or no creek crossings. ) 
 More Difficult (Moderate hills over consistent surface; possibly some narrow trails and short steeper slopes) 
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