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Today's favorite place is Mammoth Cave Horse Camp near Mammoth Cave,KY It is reviewed by Karen Robbins .
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Feeding Horses With Special Needs    Read about the do's and don'ts of feeding horses with 4 common health conditions, including gastric ulcers, metabolic disorders, and more. (thehorse.com)(5/19/2024)

Dystocia in Mares: When Every Minute Counts    What horse breeders need to know when dealing with a difficult foaling. (thehorse.com)(5/19/2024)

Identifying Foal Rejection    Foal rejection can jeopardize the foal's health—and even life—due to failure of passive transfer of immunity or severe injury. (thehorse.com)(5/18/2024)

Why Does My Horse Dunk His Hay?    Find out why your horse might benefit from a "dunk bucket." (thehorse.com)(5/18/2024)

Curative Sound Launches CS-ProVET: The Next Generation Ultra-Portable Focused ESWT Device for Veteri    CS-Pro VET is the world’s first ultra-portable focused Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (f-ESWT) device. (thehorse.com)(5/17/2024)

How to Reduce Early Embryonic Loss in Horses    Discover what might cause mares to lose a pregnancy and how veterinarians might treat it. (thehorse.com)(5/17/2024)

AI tool recognizes serious ocular disease in horses    Researchers have developed a deep learning tool that is capable of reliably diagnosing moon blindness in horses based on photos. (ScienceDaily)(4/24/2024)

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Come visit the newest location, Pierce Creek Equestrian Campground which was added by Michelle001.   It is near Shenandoah , IA.   Easy to moderate trails through grassland and timber. The trail goes around a lake and offers beaut ...more
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