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Horseback Vacations outside the U.S.A.

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Nova Scotia   Ontario   Quebec)

Central and South America (Argentina  Belize)
The Rest of the World Australia  Czech Republic  Croatia  Denmark  Egypt  France  Hungary    Israel   Italy  Mozambique  Nepal
New Zealand 
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New Database Additions
Today's Favorite Place
Today's favorite place is Mammoth Cave Maple Springs Campground near Mammoth Cave,KY It is reviewed by Brenda Wallace .
Mammoth cave Horse Camp was one of the best camps I have ever rode in. The camp post, Janet and Kevin Davis took care of our every need. The McCoy Trail was my favorite, but it is very technical. The Raymer Trail was also one of my favorites and the best maintained, I would highly recommend this camp and I plan to return again more....
10 Most Recent Reviews
Newest Trail and Campground Addition
Come visit the newest location, Pierce Creek Equestrian Campground which was added by Michelle001.   It is near Shenandoah , IA.   Easy to moderate trails through grassland and timber. The trail goes around a lake and offers beaut ...more
10 Most Recent Trail/Campground Additions

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Equine News

Hauling Horse in Hot Weather    Discover how to help your horse stay cool on the trailer this summer and what to do if he overheats in this article from The Horse's Summer 2024 issue. (

Ardent Equine and Pegasus Orthobiologics Team Up to Revolutionize Equine Regenerative Medicine    Ardent Equine joins forces with equine veterinarians Drs. Phillipe Benoit, Omar Maher, and Lauren Schnabel of Pegasus Orthobiologics. (

Warm-Up Techniques for Performance Horses    In a research review, scientists found that longer, less intense warmups might improve horse performance and well-being. (

Can Management Help an Ulcer-Prone Horse?    Learn whether a horse diagnosed with ulcers should be on a special diet. (

Equine Joint Care Strategies    Two experts answer your questions about equine osteoarthritis, the No. 1 cause of poor performance in horses. Sponsored by American Regent. (

Parasite Control for Young Horses    Parasitologists paint a realistic picture of what roundworm-related diseases in foals look like and dispel common myths. (

Movement sensors show promise in identifying racehorses at injury risk    A small 3-ounce sensor capable of recording 2,400 data points of movement in just one second being tested and refined by researchers could be key in reducing the number of injuries to racehorses. Researchers used the biometric sensors to track thoroughbreds as they raced and trained at some of the top racetracks in the country. Using collected data, the team was able to identify miniscule stride changes associated with increased risk of injury, allowing intervention before a catastrophic breakdown. (ScienceDaily)(7/11/2024)

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