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Today's favorite place is Mammoth Cave Horse Camp near Mammoth Cave,KY It is reviewed by Kadleta.
Love Mammoth Cave Horse Camp!!! Highly recommend! Great hosts, campground, and trails! Can’t wait to go back!! more....
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What do Researchers Know About the Equine Hindgut?    Research shows slight shifts in the horse's intestinal microbiome can have far-reaching effects. (thehorse.com)(6/12/2024)

Heat in a Compensating Limb    An off-track Thoroughbred with a mild suspensory strain has heat in the opposing hock. Could this mean he's compensating for the suspensory injury? (thehorse.com)(6/12/2024)

The Veheri platform for veterinary diagnostic imaging provides a free collaboration workspace and of    As the fastest-growing platform in its field, Veheri already hosts thousands of veterinarians, including hundreds of imaging specialists from around the world. (thehorse.com)(6/11/2024)

What to Expect from an Equine Chiropractic Appointment    How to prepare for your horse’s chiropractic adjustment and what to do after it’s complete. Learn more in this article from The Horse's 2024 Preventive Care issue. (thehorse.com)(6/11/2024)

Treating Rain Rot in Horses That Live Outside    An equine dermatology expert describes what causes rain rot in horses and how you can prevent and manage it in horses on full-time turnout. (thehorse.com)(6/11/2024)

Pagan-Christian trade networks supplied horses from overseas for the last horse sacrifices in Europe    Horses crossed the Baltic Sea in ships during the Late Viking Age and were sacrificed for funeral rituals. Studies on the remains of horses found at ancient burial sites in Russia and Lithuania show that they were brought overseas from Scandinavia utilizing expansive trade networks connecting the Viking world with the Byzantine and Arab Empires. Up to now, researchers had believed sacrificial horses were always locally-sourced stallions. But these results reveal horses from modern Sweden or Finland traveled up to 1,500 km across the Baltic Sea. The findings also show that the sex of the horse was not necessarily a factor in them being chosen for sacrifice, with genetic analysis showing one in three were mares. (ScienceDaily)(5/17/2024)

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Come visit the newest location, Pierce Creek Equestrian Campground which was added by Michelle001.   It is near Shenandoah , IA.   Easy to moderate trails through grassland and timber. The trail goes around a lake and offers beaut ...more
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