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Today's favorite place is Mammoth Cave Horse Camp near Mammoth Cave,KY It is reviewed by Judy Fessant.
Wonderful camp ground host. Very friendly and accommodating. more....
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Horse Hoof Puncture Wounds    Discover why you must treat hoof punctures with urgency, and steps you can take prior to the veterinarian’s arrival. (thehorse.com)(9/27/2023)

Utah Horse Positive for WNV    The case is located in Emery County. (thehorse.com)(9/26/2023)

New Jersey Horse Positive for EEE    The case is located in Gloucester County. (thehorse.com)(9/26/2023)

Doc Lane’s Veterinary Pharmacy Welcomes Limestone Lab to Its Facility in Lexington, KY    Doc Lane’s Veterinary Pharmacy announces Limestone Lab is moving into its Lexington, KY, facility. (thehorse.com)(9/26/2023)

Maine Horse Positive for EEE    The horse lived in Piscataquis County and is deceased. (thehorse.com)(9/26/2023)

Should I Wrap an Abscessed Hoof?    Dr. Britt Conklin offers suggestions on how to keep an abscessed hoof clean. (thehorse.com)(9/26/2023)

Modern horses have lost their additional toes, scientists confirm    The distant ancestors of modern horses had hooved toes instead of a single hoof, which vanished over time, according to researchers. (ScienceDaily)(6/21/2023)

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Come visit the newest location, Bryce Canyon RV and Horse Park which was added by Jodi Helsop.   It is near Cannonville, UT.   Trails are rocky to soft is spots. Shoes all the way around would be advisable. There is many, many ...more
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