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Today's favorite place is Mammoth Cave Horse Camp near Mammoth Cave,KY It is reviewed by Jim S.
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EIA Confirmed in British Columbia Horse    The horse lives in Thompson-Nicola Subdivision B. (thehorse.com)(12/7/2023)

New Vesicular Stomatitis Cases in California    Three new premises in California have confirmed or suspected VSV cases. (thehorse.com)(12/7/2023)

When Should I Retire My Horse From Riding?    Dr. Howland Mansfield describes signs a horse is ready to retire from riding, ranging from mild work intolerance to lameness. (thehorse.com)(12/7/2023)

Horse Doctors Ride the Wave of Opportunity at AAEP Convention in San Diego    The AAEP announced new board members and award winners and offered sessions about new models of sustainable equine practice at its annual convention. (thehorse.com)(12/7/2023)

Performing a Physical Examination on Your Horse    A brief physical exam allows you to collect important information to relay to your veterinarian before he or she can reach the farm. (thehorse.com)(12/7/2023)

Running Hot and Cold: Caring for Horses During Weather Changes    Horses are very adaptable and typically can handle significant temperature changes; however, when we alter their natural condition, they might struggle. (thehorse.com)(12/7/2023)

Feral horses and peatland carbon emissions    A ground-breaking new study has found carbon emissions from Australian alpine peatlands to be much higher in areas disturbed by feral horses. (ScienceDaily)(11/8/2023)

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Come visit the newest location, Sand Springs General Store and Cafe which was added by TraceyKarcher.   It is near Jordan, MT.   We are a stopping off point on Hwy 200 between Jordan and Winnett Montana. We are a full service cam ...more
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