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Honey Creek Horse Camp Inc.  Location: Allardt, TN---We are located at the Big South Fork National Park! We have 42 electric/water mostly shaded sites,
Honey Creek Horse Camp Inc. We are located at the Big South Fork National Park! We have 42 electric/water mostly shaded sites, central dump station and 40 stalls! We have maps, firewood, shavings, and apparel! Come Join us for some Great times! Contact: Bryce and Teresa 931-879-9950

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Today's favorite place is Slate Run Metro Park near Asvhille,OH It is reviewed by Faith and Reno.
Quite trail, about 2.5miles of trail, but not hard to jump onto the adjacent camp sight (non-horse) trails. The trails are in good shape other then some down tree limbs that are easily walked over by most horses. No water at trail for horse or rider so plan accordingly. I’ve always been the only rider out there when I go. Grounds have Park Rangers checking it frequently. more....
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The Equine Intestinal Microbiome    Keep the microbiome healthy by mimicking the lifestyle maintained by wild horses. (thehorse.com)(7/6/2022)

What Does it Mean When a Horse’s Hock Is ‘Fused’?    Osteoarthritis in horses’ hocks can lead to joint fusion. For some affected horses, this might be a good thing. Find out why. (thehorse.com)(7/6/2022)

Florida Gelding Positive for Strangles    A Thoroughbred gelding in Lee County tested positive on June 30. (thehorse.com)(7/5/2022)

Two Florida Horses Positive for Eastern Equine Encephalitis    A Mustang mare in Polk County and a Quarter Horse filly in Bradford County both tested positive. (thehorse.com)(7/5/2022)

Horse Shows EHV Symptoms After Leaving Colorado Horse Park    Horses that have been at the Colorado Horse Park should be monitored after a recent potential EHV case. (thehorse.com)(7/5/2022)

Miniature Donkey Positive for EHV in Tennessee    The Tennessee State Department of Agriculture reported a new equine herpesvirus myeloencephalopathy case. (thehorse.com)(7/5/2022)

Horses and pigs sense harsh speaking tones    How we speak matters to animals. Horses, pigs and wild horses can distinguish between negative and positive sounds from their fellow species and near relatives, as well as from human speech. The study provides insight into the history of emotional development and opens up interesting perspectives with regards to animal welfare. (ScienceDaily)(5/24/2022)

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If you apprenticed, how long did you serve the apprenticeship before you worked with horses on your own? Did you work as an apprentice while taking on horses on your own during your free time? (American Farriers Journal)(7/6/2022)

The sky is a steel grey and the bitter wind carries an icy edge when I meet farrier Monica Hoff in a Catholic church parking lot in the crossroads community of Mackville, a few miles north of Appleton in Wisconsin’s Fox River Valley. (American Farriers Journal)(7/6/2022)

Thrush is a degenerative condition of the central and lateral sulci of the frog caused by a bacterial infection. The disease is characterized by deterioration of the frog and the presence of black necrotic exudate with a foul odor. (American Farriers Journal)(7/5/2022)

The @NRCHAnews recently approved a class designed for working ranch cowboys. (Quarter Horse News)(7/6/2022)

EVA Members: The updated AVA POLICY ‘Use of whips on horses at competitive events" is open for member review. It is critical to receive as much feedback as possible to accurately represent member’s views. Please LOGIN, READ & COMMENT on the policy.⤵️ (Equine Veterinarians Australia)(7/3/2022)

Bain Fallon will be more exciting than ever with something for everyone, from our wonderful scientific and social program, to our world class industry exhibition and unrivalled collegiality. #BainFallon2022 Register now ⤵️ (Equine Veterinarians Australia)(6/30/2022)

Happy Fourth of July! In the midst of all the barbeques, firecrackers, and concerts, take a moment to honor the men and women who fought and fight for the freedom that we’re celebrating. And, thank you for your support. (Stolen Horse International-NetPosse)(7/4/2022)

Horse Loves Summit on the Sea Speaker Intro Horse Loves Summit on the Sea Speaker Intro (Stolen Horse International-NetPosse)(7/1/2022)

Weekly Freebie - 10 Patriotic Horse American Flag Clipart Graphics (Commercial Use Allowed) #free #freebie #weeklyfreebie #horse #horses #horseclipart #freeclipart (Michelle Istanish)(6/30/2022)

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Circle E Guest Ranch  Location: Winchester, TN---Circle E Guest Ranch offers 120 Miles of Trails. Cabins, Campsites and covered stalls. 2022 Horse back
Circle E Guest Ranch Circle E Guest Ranch offers 120 Miles of Trails. Cabins, Campsites and covered stalls. 2022 Horse back events. April Ride 7th-9th,Thunder On The Mountain Speed Racking June 16th-19th. Rendezvous Sept. 29th-Oct. 2nd. Much More! Check out our new calendar of events on our website! circleeguestranch.com Contact: Christine Mortensen 931-962-1790

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Come visit the newest location, Coronado National Forest Sleeping Dog Ranch which was added by Sleeping dog ranch.   It is near Sonoita, AZ.   Arizona Trail thru Santa Rita Mountains, Gardner and Fish Canyon trails, Cave creek trail, Granite M ...more
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