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Adventure Horse Star Trail - Hungary

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Trail Description Only a few hours away from the big cities of Europe there is a fascinating resort to savor real adventure: The Southern Great Plain is situated east of the Danube and although the landscape is rather flat and plain, it comprises various regions which are famous for their diverse peoples and traditions. The Plain with clear sky winters and dry sunny summers (about 280 days of sunshine/year!) is considered by the Hungarians as their pantry and they love it from the bottom of their hearts. Discover this gorgeous landscape on horseback; ride into a world what it was like in the ancient days and just fancy how people made their simple way of living – as some still do. On your daily star trails meet friendly people who are breeding Hungarian long-wool sheep and longhorn or work hard on their fields. By silent movements you may ride through flower meadows, lush marshlands and shadowy woods, visiting wildlife, watch rare birds, deer and wild boar while cutting across their paths. In the heart of Europe, The Hungarian Southern-Plain still holds lots to be exploited. SPECIAL: Moonlight-ride*Experience a night trail during the full-moon period. Observe the clear sky, the Milky Way and dive into the so called pusztasea with its pure silver glance accompanied by the sound of silence. What an unforgettable experience for rider and horse! *(depends on the weather +/- 2 days before and after full-moon). SHORT INFORMATION: Horses, Tack, Level Hungarian Sport Horse-Warmblood Horses are well-trained, responsive and sure footed. English general-purpose tack, , Western saddles, Endurance saddles, all very comfortable leather kept in excellent condition. Seat savers and small saddle-bags provided. Strong Intermediate+. Pace: Trots, lots of canters Program: guided riding tour Date: January - December Board: full board Rooms: double room, single room Language: English, German and Hungarian Participants: Min. /max. 3-6 riders
Best Time to Visit Trough all the year
Times to Avoid none, horses are alive all year!
Campground During your stay you will be lodged in a traditional farmhouse “Tanya” built from adobe-bricks with thatched roof. Savor the big outdoors and natural walk of life traditionally based on the use of local produce and raw materials. A little pond near the farm invites you for a swim. Enjoy the romantic evenings at open fires while tasting delicious specialities made by customary Hungarian Sheppard style. Dishes are being served with the typical dry wines from this sandy region. Do not miss the gorgeous meals offered at characteristic taverns. After a long ride relax at one of the famous spas of the area.
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C.O.D. Trade Kft
+36 30 3706237
Oliver Christen
Tanya 592
Ruzsa, HU 6786
Directions 1. Day: Transfer (shuttle) from Budapest Ferihegy Airport to Ruzsa. This 1 ½ hour trip will take you through the Hungarian Southern Great Plain with its distant horizon where the sky is touching the ground. After passing charming villages, leave the public streets and continue on sandy roads leading to the secluded farmstead “Virág Tanya” (Winner of Hungarian Tourism-Award). Meet your local hosts Daniela & Oliver Christen (native Austrians living in Hungary since 2001) and their staff who will show your guestrooms, the farm and the horses. In the evening they will arrange the typical Hungarian meal “Bogrács” Goulash cooked in stew-pot on open fire. Dine and get to know each other. Then your tour-guide will give details of your week-long program. 2. Day: Farmers breakfast with Hungarian specialties will surely make a real good start for your first day. Then off you go to meet a special breed, the Hungarian Sport Horse – Warmblood on hand in a well-equipped stable. All horses stand tall with a good appearance and will carry you with confidence and sure trots and gallops through the terrain. In the round pen you may find your best horse and saddle for your own comfort. A first ride into the neighbourhood will give you a chance to taste how it feels like to be in the middle of the endless meadows and fields. In the evening you will be served some traditional Hungarian meal together with the indispensable local moonshine, the infamous “Palinka”! 3. Day: After breakfast, saddle your horse, take your picnic lunch pack then off you ride on your first trail. You will ride past local farmlands under crop, homesteads and barns run by farmers in traditional ways. Do not miss to have a close encounter “type three” with the world-famous Hungarian red pepper or paprika. It is so hot that it takes your breath away. Then have break at the hot springs at Érszebéth Spa in Mórahalom. Dine at the tavern to taste the splendid local dishes. 4. Day: Meet for an early breakfast. This morning you will set off for a long ride through the forests with a good chance to see some of the local wildlife like pheasants, rabbits, red-deer’s or even wild-boars. A remote spot will surprise you with a traditional menu cooked by local hunters. 5. Day: Fine breakfast followed by a half day ride across a wild and romantic Puszta-landscape – a revelation of sheer natural beauty. In the afternoon you will leave the tranquil puszta and visit Szeged, the city of sunshine. Along the river Tisza the avenues and boulevards with a strikingly homogenous architecture that preserves the Eclecticism and Art Nouveau of the turn of the century stun visitors with the atmosphere of a quiet college town. You may have a break at a classy café, visit the cathedral, the unique synagogue or just relax at the Thermal Spa. At the end of the day taste the famous spicy fish-soup called Halászlé cooked from a selection of local freshwater fish. 6. Day: Hearty breakfast. Then off you ride again to see the Hungarian longhorn, the formidable and exceptional ‘Mangalicza’ pig (Revoke your memories of tasty bacons and hams.) and longwool sheep. Watch some herds moving and grazing in endless and undisturbed meadows. In the evening you shouldn’t miss to taste some local specialities at the so called “Szalonasütes” a barbeque from pig fat with delicious spices and side dishes. 7. Day: Fry-up. Today's ride will lead past wine yards and a National Park area with old oak-trees then you will have to gallop through water and a Sea of Reeds. Have a picnic-break in the fields or under a nice tree to energize for some long distance trots and gallops along fields and sandy roads. Say good by to this land and the horses, but promise to come back again. A chill-out in a well temperate wine-cellar awaits you to taste of the regional wines served with typical homemade salami, ham and cheese. 8. Day: Breakfast. Transfer to Budapest.
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 More Difficult (Moderate hills over consistent surface; possibly some narrow trails and short steeper slopes) 
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