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Estancia Ranquilco, Patagonia, Argentina

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Trail Description Estancia Ranquilco is a remote family-owned 100,000 acre horse and cattle ranch nestled in the foothills of the Andes. It is a vast expanse of land in Patagonia, stretching across leagues of high steppes, river valleys, grazing meadows, and jagged cliffs, into the very heart of the Argentine cordillera. Ranquilco's western boundary is the border with Chile – the high country - graced with lakes, waterfalls, condors, and hot springs. Riding here is an adventure - miles and miles of unfenced land and trails.
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Campground Estancia Ranquilco sits on almost 100,000 acres near the tiny towns of El Huecu and El Cholar in northern Neuquen Province, Argentina. The main lodge is located three hours by horse from the trailhead at one of our gaucho camps, Buta Mallin. Ranquilco has private cottages, communal lodging and camping available.
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