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Horseshoe Meadows Equestrian Campground

Near: Lone Pine CA (Weather)
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Trail Description The trail to the Cottonwood lakes starts out very gradual at 10,040' however before long the trail becomes rocky and steeper as you ascent into the 11,100' Cottonwood Lakes Basin. Be sure to start your ride early and follow the trail all the way to Cottonwood Lakes 4&5. Horses should be accustomed to crossing water as there are 4 points where the trail crosses Cottonwood Creek. The creek itself is only a few feet wide and a foot deep. The view of Mt Langley from the top of the trail at Cottonwood Basin is spectacular and a great place for pictures. Round trip is about 12 miles. Its a spectacular ride. Horse should be shod as there are rocky trails. The trail to Horseshoe Meadows and the Mulkey pass is a short ride that also crosses the creek but offers a nice warm up ride for the Cottonwood Creek ride. Follow the loop to the Meadow and you will find a greta place to enjoy lunch. I would not attempt to cross the actual meadow as it is very boggy and I have seen a number of horses go down with no notice here. Its better to skirt the meadow along the South edge or go back on the trail you came in on. IMPORTANT NOTE: This campground sits at an Altitude of 10,040'. The road to the campground is 20+ miles and very steep. Excellent brakes and a rig in good mechanical condition is absolutely necessary. Do not try to power up this grade or you could overheat! There are several sharp turn backs and it important to watch your engine temps. While not required anyone with 4WD will benefit from the added traction of 4 High. Figure on going 20-25 MPH up the grade and taking about 45 minutes to 1 Hour to reach the campground. It might sound intimidating but this trip is ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT! Having said this I had no problem pulling in a 26' gooseneck with my dually. Just drive smart and not be in a hurry. IMPORTANT NOTE #2 - Acclimate! Get there at least 24 hours prior to doing any riding. Breathing at 10,000' can be very challenging and you can die from altitude sickness. However by getting there a day or better yet 2 early you and your horse can acclimate and have a wonderful time.
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Campground The campground is a beautifully constructed equestrian campground with each of the 10 sites containing a pipe corral (Two horses per corral maximum), water, fire pit, tent pad, picnic table, lantern hanger and a bear proof storage container. All sites have a paved parking pad for your truck and trailer and there are several restrooms located at the campground. There is an overflow parking area with a larger corral to accommodate several horses.
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, CA
Directions From Lone PIne, California take Whitney Portal Road to the West through the Alabama Hills to the Horseshoe Meadows road. Turn Left at the sign and go 20 miles up the switch backs and over the mountain to the forestry sign for New Army Pass. Turn right and follow the road around to the right. Follow the signs to the Equestrian Campground.
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