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Saddleback State Park

Near: Lake Los AngelesCA (Weather)
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12 Difficulty: Easy Trail
Trail Description Short but fun trail. Very easy ride with lots of Joshua trees, lots of cactus and creosote bush. The campground does not allow horses at this time, but the camping is under shade shelters, so not for summer. Most of the time we ride the perimeter of the park, just outside the main fence and along about 10 miles of dirt roads. Then go in the access gates and water by the state maintenance bldg. ( have an old bathtub and hand pump for horses.) Town is about 3 miles and has market, gas, burgers and Mexican restaurant. ( very good food!) Also a hardware store, and a sm. feed barn/fencing place. Access to Piute Buttes and open desert type riding for next 22 miles.
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Campground small and has shaders for each campsite. Horses must be kept on either private land, or dry camp outside border of campground just due south around mesa. Lots of Joshua trees, and access to more buttes and trails for several miles.
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, CA
Directions Hwy 14 to Ave J, go east to campground about 25 miles. pass lots of open land and alfalfa fields. Or go east on Palmdale Blvd to 170th st east, turn right for about 4 miles.
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