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Tunisia, Tunisian Sahara - Douz, Tunisia

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Trail Description Abderrahim ben Abdelmalek organizes the adventurous, unique trek and meharee through the Tunisian Sahara with horses and packed dromedaries, guided by experienced Bedouins to bring back the old days - when Bedouin cavaliers protected their meharee with their fast horses through the desert. The departure into the desert is from the village Douz, the gateway to the Sahara. All the supplies, luggage, grain and hay for the horses are carried by dromedaries. Nights are spent under Bedouin tents woven of dromedary wool. Trekking through the desert inspires on many levels. Age differences disappear and while trekking in a group a family of itself is formed. The guides are gentle and polite, they sing, make music with their own instruments like flute and little traditional Bedouin drum. The trekkings are guided by Bedouins who know the desert. The cook prepares the meals with fresh organic vegetables and fruit and every day freshly baked bread. Beautiful highlights will be visited like abandoned villages, a place where sand roses can be found, holy marabouts and water sources and the marvelous ever continuing sand dunes. The view over the desert is spectacular as well as the experience riding the horses who enjoy going up the dunes as the meditative rhythm of the dromedary. Sunset in the Sahara. The trek program is unique and you have the possibility to travel with horse riders, friends and family members and children who can travel together with the dromedaries. A guaranteed departure from 4 persons, with sufficient supplies for groups up to 10. The circuits can be customized and are open to every reasonable request. Quad driving, exploring the deeper parts of the Sahara by 4x4 are the most obvious possibilities. You can decide to stay a little longer in the desert in a base camp and experience the true meditative part of Bedouin life.
Best Time to Visit September - June
Times to Avoid June - September
Campground Nights are spent under Bedouin tents woven of dromedary wool. Matresses and blankets are provided, you take with you your sleepingbag, although a sleepingbag can be hired as well. A cook prepares the meals with fresh organic vegetables and fruit and every day freshly baked bread.
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Abderrahim ben Abdelmalek

Douz, Kb 4260
Directions Book your flight to Djerba (DJE) or Tozeur in Tunisia. Transfers to Douz can be arranged. From any place in Tunisia you can take the bus or louage to Douz. After giving a ring, as soon you arrive you will be picked up.
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