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Big South Fork National Recreation Area

Near: JamestownTN (Weather)
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20 Total
100 Difficulty: More Difficult Trail
Trail Description Some spectactular scenery overlooking deep gorges. Mostly easy to Intermediate, groomed trails and old logging roads.
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Campground There are several campsites in and on the edge of The Big South Fork. You can read about several of them in their individual listings on this website. Three horsemens' campgrounds are on the property of Big South Fork - Bandy Creek (main); Station Camp; and Bell (in KY). Bandy Creek is a Class A campground used by both horse people and non-horse people. Horses are required to be kept in stalls that are located accross the road (about 200 yards) from the campground.
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Elect, Water, Dump Stall, Water National Park Service
Bandy Creek Camp
4564 Leatherwood Road
Oneida, TN 37841
Big South Fork Info
Directions Bandy Creek is a challenge to get to (the riding is worth it though). Accessing Bandy Creek from the east (off I-75) through Oneida on 297 requires climbing a 13 degree slope with switchbacks, etc. Big rigs could have a problem unless you have plenty of power. An option is to come in from US 127 through Jamestown. From Jamestown, go east (north) on 154 then east on 297 to the camp.
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Notes on Difficulty Rating:  
(Gently sloping or level terrain; trails are groomed or wide open; shallow or no creek crossings. ) 
 More Difficult (Moderate hills over consistent surface; possibly some narrow trails and short steeper slopes) 
 Rigorous (Easy to More Difficult for rider but physically challenging for horse such as on a level surface through deep sand) 
 Challenging (Possible rocky, uneven surface, steep slopes, uncleared trails, faster flowing streams and other obstacles that lead to more difficult riding for rider and horse)

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