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Spokane Trail Rides and Overnight Stays

Near: SpokaneWA (Weather)
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Trail Description Never had the chance to go on a REAL trail ride? Well here is your chance!~ Any experience level! Never been on a horse, that's okay I give everyone a quick lesson, you'll be riding a real horse, true experience you wont forget. I offer 2 hour trail rides, on awesome well broke horses. Private rides, no strings of 20 people here, 1000 acre wildlife area, go around a beautiful lake, scenery is breathtaking , bring the camera.... Horses are Percheron drafts, Morgan or Paso's... Usually the gentle giant drafts.. King and Lightening.. $45 per hour, per person, 2 hour minimum! Up to 4 people. (sorry no children under 13yrs UNLESS own a horse and experienced....) Also can offer camping trips 24 hr, 10am - 10am, state parks, awesome rides... Horse swimming too in the summers! ** Offering horse lodging overnight for travelers. Big Round pen, several paddocks with runs, will feed hay 2x's a day and fresh water. $50 per horse per night. Have a spare room for owners if they wish, $50 a night per person. Only 1/4 mile away from a huge wildlife preserve to trail ride on! Just 8 minutes south of Spokane Washington! 522 E. Washington Rd. Spokane, WA 99224 Call: 509-227-9077
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JLB Trals
522 E. Washington Rd.
Spokane, WA 99224
Directions South on hwy 195, 8 miles.
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Notes on Difficulty Rating:  
(Gently sloping or level terrain; trails are groomed or wide open; shallow or no creek crossings. ) 
 More Difficult (Moderate hills over consistent surface; possibly some narrow trails and short steeper slopes) 
 Rigorous (Easy to More Difficult for rider but physically challenging for horse such as on a level surface through deep sand) 
 Challenging (Possible rocky, uneven surface, steep slopes, uncleared trails, faster flowing streams and other obstacles that lead to more difficult riding for rider and horse)

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